Sustainability-related disclosure

Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 obliges us as investment advisors and asset managers to provide information on our website about how we take sustainability risks and adverse sustainability impacts into account in our activities.
As asset managers, we are also obliged to provide further information if we promote asset management with ecological or social characteristics or offer asset management that aims to make sustainable investments, neither of which is currently the case.
We explain in the following section that and why we do not take any adverse sustainability impacts into account:

No consideration of adverse sustainability impacts

We provide asset management for private customers without explicit sustainability features and without the explicit aim of sustainable investments. We also provide investment advice for capital management companies and therefore for funds, both without and with sustainability features, depending on the investment strategies of the funds. Finally, in exceptional cases, we also provide investment advice for private customers.
Since our approach differs in some cases in the cases mentioned, we provide various information documents below:

Asset management for private customers

Investment advice on funds without sustainability features

Investment advice on funds with sustainability features

Investment advice for private customers

You can see the significant changes we have made to our disclosure since sustainability disclosure began in March 2021 in the overview below:

History of significant changes to sustainability-related disclosure