Our company philosophy

Our company philosophy

Our company philosophy

Our view of assets

… expresses our values and beliefs:
mindfulness and responsibility towards our society and our planet.

We define the term ASSETS more broadly:
knowledge capital, social capital
and financial capital are synonymous for us.

Knowledge assets

Know-how and experience are among the most valuable goods. Because people, minds and ideas create value. Knowledge is playing an increasingly important rote as a source of added value. Each employee contributes their individual wealth of knowledge to the overall know-how. That’s why we attach great importance to learning from our investments and letting our customers share in this knowledge capital.

Social capital 

We take our time and cultivate our network by approaching people openly and with interest. This creates new possibilities and perspectives. The secret of a successful network lies in respecting others, giving and receiving help and supporting one another. This is how relationships of trust are created. We are happy to rely on contacts that have proven tobe reliable and make them available to our customers.

Financial assets

The responsible use of money is extremely important to us, That’s why we take a variety of aspects into account when making our investment decisions. In consultation with our customers, we develop an individual asset allocation that has appropriate return potential and proves tobe as resilient as possible in times of crisis. We conduct business with integrity, trust and respect.